About Us

Welcome to Fulton Douglas.

It's great to have somewhere to give you a bit of background and explanation about ourselves.

When I first set up an instagram account, for Fulton Douglas, it was to show friends and family what I was up to.  At that time, writing the bio was really easy: 

"Love to make, womenswear, menswear, knitwear, crochet, bags and upholstery - using new & end of line fabrics plus up-cycling garments"

It was very personal and didn't strike me  as un-focused but possibly does read that way. As with many people who like creating, the inkling for the next project can quite often be seeded in the current or previous project. This creative process is what Fulton Douglas is borne out of.

Having sewn, knitted and generally created with textiles, from a very young age, I graduated in Fashion and Marketing in the late 80's .Then follows a 30 plus year career in the clothing industry, working for or with many well known names, including Benetton, Ted Baker, Paul Smith, Warehouse, Top Shop, Asda, Miss Selfridges. For several years I also worked with licensed clothing using iconic images from Disney, Hello Kitty, Miffy, Peanuts, The Muppets, Snoopy, Felix the Cat - actually too many to name. Throughout all the years I also continued with all the various personal projects working with fabric and yarn. 

By 2008 the need to counteract the grubbier aspects of the clothing industry in terms of poor pay, child labour, pollution and a host of other environmental and ethical issues became a focus for a fledgling ethical kids wear range I developed. Coupled with my lifetime dislike for waste and having worked through a period of decline in the UK clothing manufacturing industry, the importance of organic fabrics, up-cycling, reusing, paying fair rates for work and reduction of air miles for supplies has long been part of my working practise.  

It is this experience both professional and personal that I now bring to Fulton Douglas. Trying to focus what this could all crystallises into as a business has been the result of a lot of discussion and thought. It currently has been put into 3 separate "ranges". There is already another range in the pipeline of a set of make your own - which will include patterns, basic fabrics, haberdashery and kits, so watch this space.

Wardrobe Essentials is a range of styles that are really easy to wear and have a longevity and non seasonal aspect to them. Manufactured and components sourced in the UK. 

Limited Editions is exactly what it says on the box. Everything is limited by amount of fabric available, some are end of line fabrics, some are great finds in fabric stores that there is only a limited amount available on, some (which my husband is very pleased I'm using) have been collected over the years for that ''next project" I mentioned earlier. Numbers made in this range vary from 3 or 4 to 20 plus. In order that size is less of an issue on small fabric quantities, some are only made in a couple of sizes, with the rest of the fabric left uncut so that we can cover customer needs. However once the fabrics gone thats it for that style, but there will always be something new along soon so always worth watching for new additions

Complete One-Offs is where I get to offer all those projects that swirl around but in normal commercial settings would be ditched. They really will be completely ONE OFFS. They also span not just fabric made items but also knits, crochet, upholstery. There is a massive emphasis with up-cycling and reusing in this range and in many ways my hope going forward is that this will be the main part of Fulton Douglas. 

I really hope you like checking out our site